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Affects of Hearing Loss

Take Control Of Your Health, Starting With Your Ears.

Hearing loss can impact your overall health, well-being and quality of life. Researchers are always discovering connections between the ears and the health of other body systems. Some health conditions are caused by hearing loss, while others cause hearing loss. One thing is certain, hearing loss should no longer be ignored as just a normal side effect of aging.

The good news is that you can do something about your hearing loss. Today’s technology is producing a new generation of hearing aids with amazing functionality. See one of our dedicated hearing specialists and find out how we can improve your life. Call (888) 522-9488 to set up your free hearing test.

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Feeling Isolated

When you can’t hear it becomes difficult to participate in conversations, eventually you start to avoid social situations altogether. People with hearing loss are more likely to suffer from depression. Learn more… 

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Feeling Confused

Hearing loss can affect your memory. It can cause cognitive abilities to decline 30 to 40 percent faster than they should. Learn more…

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Feeling Tired

Losing your hearing is exhausting. You have to try twice as hard as someone with normal hearing just to have a simple conversation. It’s not uncommon for people with untreated hearing loss to experience listening fatigue. Learn more…

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Feeling Off-Balance

When you can’t hear well, you’re less aware of your surroundings. So, people with hearing loss have a tendency to fall down more. Learn more…

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Feeling Overwhelmed

People with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss. High glucose levels can damage nerves in the inner ear.

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Feeling Sick

A healthy heart helps your ears stay healthy, too. People who have heart disease have a 54 percent greater chance of suffering from hearing loss. Learn More… 

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Feeling Overweight

Obesity can cause countless health problems. Hearing loss is one of them. Walking at least two hours a week can reduce the risk.

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Feeling Addicted

You’ve heard that smoking causes lung cancer. But did you know it causes hearing loss, too? Chemicals in cigarettes prevent your inner ear from transmitting vibrations. Learn more…

Ready To Take Control Of Your Health?

Stop waiting to seek treatment. There is no reason to keep muddling through life with hearing loss. The longer you put off getting help you increase your chances of suffering from these other health issues.  Call (888) 522-9488 to set up your free hearing test today.