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Why Hearing Loss Occurs

Hearing loss affects around 36 million adults in America

The Hearing impaired are a diverse community. Although the public assumes that hearing loss is a symptom of getting old, in truth there are many different causes of the condition, and hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age. It is important to understand that you aren’t alone and there are options to treat hearing loss. Hearing aid technology is constantly advancing, you should experience for yourself how it can improve your life.

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Top 7 Common Reasons for Hearing Loss:

  • Aging
    This is known as presbycusis and is only diagnosed if the patient is aged 65 or over. One in three members of this age group has presbycusis, and it is one of the most common health conditions among the elderly.

  • High volume
    Exposure to loud noise is a leading cause of hearing loss in youth and combat veterans. Protect your hearing by keeping the volume down on electronic devices, especially when using earbuds. Wear ear plugs when attending loud music concerts.

  • Medications
    Certain prescription medicines are Ototoxic and known to damage the inner ear, causing hearing loss.

  • Infections
    Untreated infections in the middle ear can cause permanent damages to the structures that help you hear. Frequent ear infections during childhood can also be damaging to hearing.

  • Head or ear trauma
    A direct blow to the head or a secondary shock from compressed air such as that produced after an explosion can damage the ear drum or other parts of the ear and brain.

  • Congenital or hereditary factors
    Some people inherit genes that predispose them to hearing loss. Typically, this type of hearing loss appears in childhood or early adulthood.

  • Disease
    Certain degenerative diseases can damage the inner ear, such as auto-immune disorders or Meniere’s disease.

Use it or Lose it!

Your ears and the part of your brain responsible for hearing will become lazy without regular stimulation. This condition is known as auditory deprivation. It occurs when hearing loss keeps you from hearing a full range of sounds.

During the time between the onset of hearing loss and the decision to finally get hearing aids your ears will become accustomed to a smaller range of sounds. As a result, the part of your brain responsible for translating those sounds is weaker from the lack of use. With hearing aids you will be able to exercise your ears and retrain your brain. Studies have shown aural rehabilitation improves listening ability in noise, which can reduce the amount of effort needed for effective communication. 

95% of Hearing Loss Cases Can Be Treated With Hearing Aids.

We are dedicated to helping you manage your hearing loss, no matter what the cause. Our top notch hearing instrument specialists will guide you through the process of testing your hearing and choosing a hearing aid that fits your needs. We know choosing to address your hearing loss can be a big step and one you should make with confidence. At Hearing Lab you can try any hearing aid for 30 days risk -free to experience exactly how it will help you in your everyday life. Call (888) 522-9488 to schedule your appointment today.