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Hearing Aid Styles and Models for Every Lifestyle

Not all hearing aid styles and models are the same. Some are so small they are hard to see when worn; others must be larger to house a more powerful battery. Some are tucked inside the ear, others sit behind the ear and have a thin tube that leads into the ear canal. You have many choices, and you are only limited by your specific form of hearing loss and your personal preferences. Let our trusted hearing specialists guide you in finding the best models to suit your situation.

Because we know every person and every hearing loss is different, we carry a wide selection of hearing aids. Among the many styles you will find:

Great advancements in technology have allowed most hearing aid models to become smaller in size and very discreet.  While most people are initially drawn to the IIC styles, it is actually the RIC that is one of the most popular and versatile styles we offer. Selecting the hearing aid that is right for you will depend on your level of hearing loss, your budget and your lifestyle.

Invisible in canal hearing aid style

Invisible In Canal

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Completely in canal hearing aid style

Completely In Canal

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In The Canal

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In the ear hearing aid style

In The Ear

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Mini RIC hearing aid style

Mini Receivers In Canal

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Receivers in canal hearing aid style

Receiver In Canal

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Behind the ear hearing aid style

Behind The Ear

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Mini behind the ear hearing aid style

Mini Behind The Ear

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Power Plus Behind The Ear

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Repairs to Your Hearing Aid

If you are having issues with your hearing aid, there may be repair options available to you. Many repairs can be done in our office for FREE. For more information, give us a call at 888-522-9488, or submit a contact form while you’re online at home.