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Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Behind The Ear hearing aids (BTE) are among the most common on the market. They are powerful and durable and easy to use. They are a good choice if you are interested in hearing aids that rest comfortably behind the ear with a touch control panel to control the settings. Other benefits of wearing this style of listening device are:

  • You have more control over sound quality, volume, and pitch.
  • Larger design allows for easy battery changes.
  • Wireless connectivity capabilities.

Imagine all of the freedom you’ll have with behind the ear hearing aids made for daily life. Behind the Ear hearing aids are suitable for many types of hearing loss, but some features set them apart. The new touch panel controls can change the settings on both devices and they can easily connect with our surflink wireless accessories. BTE hearing aids are also great for patients who need sounds moved from one ear to their better hearing ear with Cros and BiCros technology.

  • No hard-to-use buttons or dials
  • Discreet design
  • For moderate to severe hearing loss
  • Tinnitus solutions available
  • Variety of color options available

Explore Your Hearing Options with Us

Not being able to hear your friends, loved ones and environment can be frustrating. That is why we encourage you to come and visit Hearing Lab. On the path to regaining your hearing, you may feel a little confused about which style of hearing aids is best for you.

We offer all of our patients the option of trying out their choice of listening device for 30 days. This trial period makes it possible for you to become better adjusted to wearing daily life hearing aids so you can decide if your selection is right for you. It also allows you to become more comfortable with relying on your hearing aids to hear the sounds and noises you previously were unable to hear.

To learn more about Behind the Ear hearing aids or set up your free hearing test Call +1 (855) 243-5541 now!

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