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In-The-Canal Hearing Aids

Get the Hearing You Deserve 

Losing some or most of your ability to hear sounds and certain frequencies can be quite alarming, no matter what your age is. Fortunately, Hearing Lab carries many kinds of hearing aids that can restore some or all of your ability to hear sounds. Today’s generation of listening devices is small enough to be discreet and large enough to adjust quickly without anyone ever noticing.

Style and Flexibility That Will Improve Your Comfort

People who choose to wear in canal hearing aids often do so because they enjoy the flexibility of style and comfort they give them. Benefits of using in canal hearing aids include:

  • They are easy to insert hearing aids.
  • They’re ideal for people who need slightly larger hearing aids because of dexterity issues.
  • They allow more ventilation than smaller models.
  • They’re suitable for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss.

In canal hearing devices allow you control of the color so you can enhance your style without feeling embarrassed or ashamed about having to wear them. There is more room for air circulation inside of your ear canal, which improves clarity and prevent moisture buildup that can affect the comfort and placement of your listening device.

  • For mild to mildly severe hearing loss
  • Custom-made for you
  • Also available in light brown, medium brown, chestnut and dark brown skin tones
  • Uses 312 size batteries

You Can Hear It All Again With Style

It is important for you to choose the right hearing aid if you want to regain the comfort and ability to hear everything around you with ease. Don’t let uncertainty stop you from living life to the fullest. Get your hearing back with in canal hearing devices.

Because finding the best hearing aid is important.

Buying a hearing aid is a big decision — and we want to make it as easy as possible by giving you the time you need to try the hearing aid in your everyday life. For 30-days, you can wear any hearing instrument wherever your day takes you, without risk. At the end of your trial, if you are not happy with your decision, return it and receive 100% of your money back.

Free First Visit and Exam

Have you scheduled your hearing exam yet? It’s on us, so you have nothing to lose — and everything to gain back. Call (888) 522-9488 now and set up your appointment. We have 18 convenient Chicagoland locations, you can count on us no matter what your ZIP code is.