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We’ve been asking our patients which sounds they look forward to hearing the most every holiday season. We got a wide range of different responses, but these are Hearing Lab patients’ favorite sounds of the season:

6. Jingle Bells. Whether it’s the Salvation Army bell ringer or festive decorations on a shop door, the sound of ringing bells is one of the most recognizable sounds of the holiday season.

5. Christmas Carols. On the radio, in the store, carolers on their doorstep, it’s easy to get in the holiday spirit when you have a catchy tune to sing-along with.

4. Fire crackling.  With howling wind and snow (or rain) outside, nothing beats a nice warm fire popping and cracking in your fireplace and we can’t forget a big mug of hot cocoa in your hand.

3. Sneaky peek-ers. It could be grandkids tip-toeing down the stairs or a nosy spouse rustling through the presents, it’s fun to be able to catch a peeker, especially when they think you can’t hear them!

2. Ripping wrapping paper and delighted reactions. There’s the rip and crunch of the paper hastily torn off, then the happy squeal because you got the gift just right! It’s hard not to smile when you hear those sounds.

The one response we heard most often from our patients and our personal favorite sound of the season is…

1. Family and friends. Catching up with loved ones from near and far throughout the holiday season gives ample opportunity for all kinds of chatter. From the quiet conversations to the punch line of a joke hearing aids help make it possible to keep up with everyone.

What do you think of this list? Are we missing any of your favorite sounds of the season? We’d love to hear from you. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!!