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Hearing Lab’s sister company Southwestern Hearing Centers paid it forward by helping a woman get her life back with the gift of hearing.

The non-profit group Making A Difference knew their friend Cassie needed some help getting hearing aids. Cassie had been struggling to hear for over a year, which made it very difficult to hold down a job, as a result she was living in a homeless camp.

Hearing Lab’s sister company Southwestern Hearing was able to test Cassie’s hearing, fit her with new hearing aids and help her get back to her life.

“These [hearing aids] have helped me in so, so many ways. I can hear perfectly now. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to,” Cassie explained through happy tears.

“Cassie had a very severe hearing loss. She couldn’t hear a car coming. She was just isolated,” Hearing Specialist Carol Eaton explained. “With these new hearing aids Cassie will be safer and communicating will be much easier.“

Hearing Lab and Southwestern Hearing have been helping people in our communities for 70 years. “This is why we do what we do, we get to help people from all walks of life every single day,” Hearing Lab Owner Mike Marino said. “There is no feeling like watching someone light up when they hear sounds they haven’t been able to hear in years.”

Cassie’s story was featured on The Thread on local station KTVI watch the full video here.