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Hearing problems are most often associated with aging, but more than 18 million Americans with hearing loss are younger than 65 and that number is growing. During the month of May Hearing Lab is celebrating Better Hearing Month by working to raise awareness on how to treat hearing loss and the increasing number of people suffering from hearing loss.

More than 36 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, only half of which can be attributed to age. Experts believe the increased use of earbud style headphones is a major contributor to the number of younger Americans experiencing hearing loss.

Early detection of hearing loss is key! During Better Hearing Month Hearing Lab is offering FREE hearing tests and hearing instrument technology demonstrations to all new patients. Untreated hearing loss has been tied to social isolation, depression, a number of other health conditions and an overall reduced quality of life. The earlier hearing loss is detected and treated the less impact it will have on a person’s communication. This is especially critical in children whose speech and language skills are still developing. Be aware of how to treat hearing loss in children and adults so you can get yourself and your loved ones the help you may need.

Signs of Hearing loss in Adults

  • Often asking to repeat
  • Think others always mumble
  • Having trouble hearing in group settings or with background noise
  • Turning up the TV or radio to volumes uncomfortable for others
  • Struggle with hearing on the phone
  • Frequently fail to hear someone talking behind you
  • Withdrawing from conversation or social settings

Signs of Hearing Loss in Kids

  • Struggling in school
  • Responding inappropriately to questions
  • Watching others to imitate what they are doing
  • Speaks differently from others their age or has trouble with articulation
  • Frequently turns up the TV or radio
  • Doesn’t reply when you call them by name

If you or a loved one is experiencing two or more of these symptoms you should visit a Hearing Lab near you for a free hearing test. They have been experts in how to treat hearing loss since 1947! May is the best time of year to save on hearing aids. Hearing health professionals across the country are working to educate consumers on the latest hearing technology and offering incredible sales incentives. A hearing test is simple, painless and free during the month of May. If you think you may have hearing loss you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.