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A History of Personal Care

Rain showers at night. Bacon sizzling. Leaves crunching. Your grandchild’s giggles. These are the everyday sounds that make life colorful. At Hearing Lab, we want to help you hear the sounds of your life, both big and small because we believe your quality of life is directly related to your ability to communicate. That’s why we’re completely dedicated to ending your struggle with hearing loss and making your world a better place to live.  Helping you hear again is our mission, our passion, our promise.

Hearing Lab was initially established in 1947 in St. Louis, MO under the name Southwestern Hearing Centers, and since then we’ve expanded greatly opening up locations across Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas. Despite our immense growth our dedicated team of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists have continued to provide quality hearing solutions and professional services that are unrivaled in the industry. Just ask any of the thousands of patients or their families who have passed through our doors over the years.

Helping You Hear Is Our Mission

At Hearing Lab, we like for patients to get to know us better before we help them hear better. We know you don’t want to trust your hearing to just anyone, and we don’t expect you to. Our patients don’t just hear the difference in our hearing examinations, they also see the difference in the way we deliver our professional services.

We are a third generation family business that specializes in personalized full-service hearing care. Aspects of our business include:

• Providing patients with unparalleled guidance and support
• Using only the most cutting edge and trusted hearing aid technology
• Offering our patients as many options as possible when it comes to restoring and improving their hearing
• Dedicating ourselves and our services to full customer satisfaction
• Remaining available even after our patients have found the perfect hearing aid
• Offering hearing aid discounts and additional savings

Our business has been recognized as Nu-Ear’s leading independent hearing care provider in the entire United States for more than a decade. What’s more, is we’re proud to have attained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We take our commitment to our patients and their hearing as well as their lives very seriously, and you can see and hear the difference.

Interested in learning more about Hearing Lab? Schedule your free consultation. Give us a call whenever you’re ready at 888-522-9488.

A Number of Complementary Services

In addition to saving your hearing, we also want to do everything we can to save you money. Some of the complementary services we offer patients include:

  1. Free screening, testing and programming with the most advanced technology on the market
  2. Free adjustments for the life of your instrument
  3. Free loss and damage warranty
  4. Free professional device cleanings
  5. Free reevaluations to determine if your hearing has changed
  6. Free hearing counseling for questions and concerns
  7. Free at-home cleaning kits for your hearing devices
  8. Huge patient-only discounts on new instruments
  9. Access to any of our locations around Chicagoland, Northern Indiana, Southern Illinois, Missouri and Kansas


Always right around the corner

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Better Business Bureau A+

We love what we do and take pride in our work which has earned Southwestern Hearing Centers an A+ rating from the BBB.