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Signs you are living with a Hearing Loss

48 million people in the US alone have some form of hearing loss. We’re here to help!

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There are millions of Americans that experience the common symptoms of hearing loss, yet do nothing about it. We are hoping to change that, by informing you of the signs and reasons why you need a hearing device.

Our development of hearing is a natural part of our life and with that also comes hearing loss. Hearing loss gradually occures in most of us as we age, however the severity and when it occurs varies greatly.  The rate of hearing loss triples between the ages of 50 & 60. Unfortunately, hearing loss can lead to actual changes in your brain which can eventually lead to Dementia. Read more about that here. Untreated hearing loss can also lead to depression, anxiety, relationship strain and a decline in health.


“Hearing Lab works hard to determine which technology and what style works best for your hearing loss. You’ll experience the feeling of a locally owned company that really care about you and getting your hearing back. I had tried several other hearing instruments before going to Hearing Lab, and they didn’t compare to the quality at Hearing Lab.”

Mike Ditka

Hall of Famer

If you’re one of the millions who are suffering from hearing loss, rest assured you are not alone. We are here to help you gain your life and your independence back!

Below are 11 common symptoms of hearing loss that our patients complain of experiencing. Once you read through them, if you still have any questions, our experienced and highly educated Hearing Instrument Specialist would be happy to answer them for you.

11 Common Hearing Loss Symptoms

1. People ask you to turn down the radio or TV

If you have to turn the TV or radio volume up all the way just to understand what the host is saying, you may have a hearing loss.

2. Headaches caused by straining to hear others

If you feel exhausted or get headaches from straining to listen to conversations, you may have a hearing loss.

3. Asking people to repeat themselves multiple times

If you have to ask those in conversation to repeat themselves multiple times, you may have a hearing loss.

4. Difficulty hearing your phone

You either have a hard time hearing your phone ring or can’t hear phone conversations. You may be living with a hearing loss.

5. You don't understand conversations

You smile and nod a lot in conversations when you can’t hear what the speaker has said. You may have a hearing loss.

6. Hard time hearing in noisy situations

If you have a hard time understanding speech in noisy situations such as restaurants or sports games. You may have a hearing loss.

7. You feel off balance and or dizzy

Johns Hopkins University did a study about the vestibular system. When it is out of whack, so is your balance and sometimes your hearing. If you feel dizzy and off balance, you may have a hearing loss.

8. Others mumble or speak to softly

If people tell you that you are speaking loudly and that you mumble, when you feel that they speak to softly and they mumble, you may have a hearing loss.

9. You have an ear preference

If you ask people to speak into one specific ear, you may have a hearing loss.

10. You have trouble hearing women and children

Women and children’s voices are higher pitched then men’s, so you have a hard time hearing them in conversations. You may have a hearing loss.

11. Sounds behind you are hard to hear

If you have a hearing loss, it also means that your spatial awareness is affected too. If you can’t hear friends or family calling your name behind you. You may have a hearing loss.

After reading about the top 11 reasons that you may have a hearing loss, if you relate to any of those, give us a call (888) 522-9488. We would be happy to give you a FREE HEARING TEST and love to help you gain your hearing back. 

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