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Hearing Lab is now offering new and improved rechargeable hearing aids. ZPower rechargeable batteries are now available in our mini RIC style hearing aids. This includes our most popular and powerful NOW Synergy hearing technology.

In a recent survey, ZPower found that 70% of hearing aid users want rechargeable hearing aids, but only 11% have them.

“We’ve had patients asking for rechargeable hearing aids for years, unfortunately the options available to us weren’t very reliable,” Vice President Brian Marino explained. “The ZPower rechargeable battery system has changed that, we can now offer our top quality intuitive hearing aid technology combined with a reliable battery.”

Patients no longer have to worry that their batteries will fail at inopportune times. The ZPower offers stable, uninterrupted use all day on a single charge, even with wireless streaming.

No More Stress

Operation is simple too; just place your NOW Synergy RIC hearing aids on the charger overnight and you’re good to go the next day.

“We think current hearing aid wearers will be happy to know, these are actually a hybrid. If you forget to charge your hearing aids overnight, you’re not out of luck,” Marino said. “Simply store the rechargeable batteries in a safe place and use regular disposable batteries until you have the chance to recharge.”

The ZPower Rechargeable Battery system makes powering your hearing aids easy and convenient. They will eliminate the need to buy more than 200 disposable batteries every year. To learn more about the American-made ZPower Rechargeable hearing aid options please contact a Hearing Lab near you.