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Hearing Lab Reviews and Testimonials: See how we’ve changed our patients’ lives.

Mike Ditka – NFL Hall of Famer

“The moment I met the professionals at Hearing Lab, I knew they were honest, dedicated and experts in their field. You can trust them with your hearing needs.”

Mike Ditka
NFL Hall of Famer

Whitey Herzog – MLB Hall of Famer

“I used to say the word ‘huh’ all the time, until one day, my grandson figured out I couldn’t hear very well. He said, ‘paw paw, you need new ears.’ I’m so glad I took the first step and called because no one notices my hearing loss anymore. From the very first day, I started wearing my Nu-Ear digital hearing instruments, I could hear remarkably better – It was like a miracle to me.”

Whitey Herzog
Major League Baseball Hall of Famer

“I’ve never been so happy in my life. I can finally hear. I’ve worn hearing aids for at least 20-25 years and never have I had anything so comfortable, and I can hear EVERYTHING. When they first put them in my ears I almost wanted to cry because I didn’t know that I could hear so well, all along.”

Dolores V.
Arlington Heights, IL

“I researched a lot of hearing aid sales companies and settled on Hearing Lab because of their quality. I am very satisfied with the quality of my hearing aids, but primarily their service and follow-up service have been more than I expected. I’m really pleased with the results, my hearing has improved in one-on-one and group settings and I’m very satisfied with what I have found here at Hearing Lab.”

Dwight I.
Barrington, IL

“I am just so pleased with Hearing Lab in Arlington Heights. The hearing aids are just fantastic, better than any I’ve had before. I can hear on the phone and from across the room.”

Marie N.
Arlington Heights, IL

“I had been shopping for hearing aids at big box stores and other small places, but I found the best value was at Hearing Lab. I was pleased and I am sure I will be happy with my hearing aids.”

Norma S.
Arlington Wheaton, IL

“I am impressed and tickled that I came to Hearing Lab. I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before. Prior to getting my hearing aids I had major problems understanding anybody in background noise. I wore my new hearing aids to a restaurant, it was a treat just to be able to talk to people, and not talk loud because now I can hear myself. So I’m real, real happy with the way they’re working…I’m noticing differences every day.”

Wheaton, IL

“My Nu-Ear hearing aid has tremendously enhanced my hearing life, particularly in one-on-one conversations and in my church congregation. Also at home with the TV, my hearing aid has been such a tremendous help that my sister is now asking me to turn the volume UP instead of down.”

Marie F.
Chicago, IL

“I never wore hearing aids because all my friends said they were awful and don’t work, but I had a friend recommend Hearing Lab. She said they were fantastic, so I came in and they took great care of me, I was very well satisfied from the first visit on.”

Virginia S.
Oak Brook, IL

“For me, it was the little things I was impressed with. They genuinely care about helping people hear. Even free batteries! …They are willing to go the extra mile!”

Hinsdale, IL

“Your office was so very helpful and polite when my hearing instrument was fitted. At first, I was worried, but you made me feel comfortable and secure in my choices. Keep up the good work.”

Geneva, IL

“The new Imagine gave me back the sound of my daughter. I didn’t realize that I was missing my daughter’s first words. Imagine helped me hear my baby girl’s soft voice. I thought she was mispronouncing words. It turns out I was just not hearing them! My hearing instruments gave me sounds that I never knew I was missing. I have never been happier! I can hear! I love Hearing Lab for all of their help and understanding.”

Mary Lou
St. Charles, IL

“Thank you for all of your help. I did not realize how much of a difference better hearing would make in my daily activities. I enjoy life so much more now that I have my new hearing instruments.”

Crystal Lake, IL

“My new hearing instrument has been very useful. The fitting process was quick and painless, and your staff helped so incredibly much along the way.”

Tinley Park, IL

“The only decision I regret is not going to Hearing Lab first! The whole process was much easier at Hearing Lab, and their prices were hundreds below the competition. It was a no-brainer.”

Romeoville, IL