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What To Expect on Your First Visit

A hearing loss test can change your life.

And it Only Takes an Hour.

Have you set up your free hearing loss test yet? If not, call (888) 522-9488 now. We’ll help you schedule one!

We want you to feel comfortable during all stages of the hearing testing. So here’s a brief rundown of what to expect at any of our Hearing Lab locations during your appointment.

Meet and Greet

When you walk into one of our offices, our friendly receiptionist will welcome you. You will then be asked to fill out some quick forms in order to get you set up into our system. She will then introduce you to our Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Video Otoscope

Your hearing specialist will look inside your ear canal during this simple and painless exam. Your specialist will check for excessive earwax, blockages or any medical problems in your ear canal or eardrum. You’ll be able to watch on screen if you prefer see the process.

Medical History

You’ll be asked to answer a few questions about your hearing history. Be prepared to talk about noise exposure, communication issues, your pain levels and any medically related issues (like dizzinesss or tinnitus). We’ll also talk about your expectations. 

Hearing Evaluation

This is a traditional hearing test, one you may have experience back in school. You’ll respond to a series of sounds and beeps at different levels and frequencies. This helps our hearing specialist determine your type and degree of hearing loss. 

Speech Test

This test helps us to determine your word compreshension level. We’ll use a familiar voice, like the voice of a loved one, to see which sounds are difficult for you to understand.

Audiogram Results 

Your hearing specialist will explain the results of your exam so you understand your hearing loss. We promise to do this in a way that it is easy to understand. We use graphs to show how your hearing compares to normal hearing ranges. This helps the hearing specialist to show you options for your hearing loss.

Device Demonstation 

You’re on your way to hearing again and this is the fun part! You can experience all of our different hearing aid styles as well and technology levels. Your specialist will help you find the best choice for all your needs. In the case that you need a custom mold, the hearing specialist will fit take canal impressions. 

Instrument Delivery 

Customized hearing aids take a few weeks to manufacture and get back to our office. On your second visit, you’ll come in a pick up your new hearing aids. Your hearing specialist will program your new hearing aids for your specific needs. This starts the beginning of your 30-day Risk Free trial and most importantly, the beginning of a better life.